Sunday, May 4, 2014

Shape, Type & Pen Tool

I have learnt so many cool skills using the shape and pen tool. It was extremely fun for me especially the type tool where I can do so many different skills!
Using the shape tool, I was able to combine the different shapes, separate and so much more by using the pathfinder. It was simple to understand and I created cute shapes!
The type tool was definitely my favourite! I didn't know I could do so many things just by using one simple tool. It was easy and a great tool. This will surely help me in so many ways.
I posted the creations I've done below! 

Then, we moved on to the colouring the dog using a pen tool! The pen tool is definitely tricky to use but nothing is perfect without practice! I've figured out that colouring this is easy by making sure to make a new layer for each shape. Layers are really important and it can save my life! Thank god for layers!
This is the dog I've coloured! I know his skin is too dark but I didn't have much time to carefully choose a colour so I took anything that seemed alright! :')

 I'm really looking forward to the next lesson! :D

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