Sunday, May 25, 2014

Photoshop Lesson 2

In the second lesson of photoshop, I learnt more useful tools an function such as the clipping mask, layer masks, natural healing, liquify, replace colour, colour range and colour replacement tool.

1. Layer modes: There are three layers of this file - the man, the suit and a pattern. By using clipping mask, I was able to map the pattern on the suit. Then, I blend it out with overlay to make the suit look more realistic.

2. Layer Masks: Using the layer mask can create an effect where only Shakira is n focus and the background is blurred out. I can hide the portions I want or make it visible. 

3. Healing Brush: To erase her moles and freckles away, I used the healing brush tool! I simply click on the good part of her skin and click on her mole to "heal" it. It will immediately disappear!

4. Expressions: Using liquify, I changed his stoic expression to a happy one! I pulled his eyebrows and mouth upwards. I tried my best to make it look as natural as possible :') 

5. Patching and cloning: These tools are for making a face look flawless. I used the patch tool to draw around the woman's wrinkles. By dragging it form the patch area to a clean part of her skin, I can erase her wrinkles, effectively making her look younger. 

I used cloning for this picture to clone her eye and lips. It was very funny and interesting to do this!

6: Replace Colour: I used replace colour to change the colour of the purple building to a pink colour. It was an easy process!

7. Colour Replacement Tool: This tool can change the colour of the woman's blouse without affecting any creases or folds on the blouse, looking natural. 

The last part of the lesson was just a short practice of the tools we learnt in photoshop. I changed the brightness and contrast of the sky and made reflections of the cat and sky. The reflection of the tray was difficult as I had to use the pen tool to cut it out but I managed it, although crooked, so the outcome looks alright! :) I liquified the cat's eyes to make it just a tad bigger. I put in a "meow" and below is the final result! 

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