Thursday, May 1, 2014

Logo designs and sketching

On this day of graphic design, I learn about logo designs and sketching.

There are five principles of effective logo design: Simple, memorable, timeless, versatile, appropriate. There are also five reasons why we sketch in design.
They are:
• Rapid concept development
• Basic composition or layout
• Client communication and approval
• Visual exploration
• Refining visual solutions

I understand that rapid concept development simply means brainstorming. I just have to throw out all my ideas from my head, even if it looks ridiculous. From there, I sketch my layout of the design to roughly know how I want it to look like. Making sure the design I sketched is roughly detailed to prevent misunderstandings, I'll show it to my client for approval. Then I go to finalizing what my design looks like. I'll join my ideas together and see which fits the best. After choosing, I will refine the visual solutions as there might be some illustrations that need more work. After getting everything right, that'll be end of the process!! :D

We had to get into groups to redo ANN's logo design! Here are the brainstorming me, Cheryl and Asyiqin did!

Here is the final design! The globe represent a part of Asia, the lines and dots are actually connections from all over the world and there's a hidden 21 in the ANN to represent 21 media groups in Asian countries! :) I think it looks good and very colourful *laughs*. 

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