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So what makes a good advertisement? Firstly, it must grab the attention of everyone. These are examples of attention-grabbing:  Catchy music, beautiful woman, repetition, loud sounds, visual humor and appeal to basic sensory perceptions. These are just what attracts us to the advertisement. Secondly, it must have a trust development. The company must be trust worthy and likable as no one would want to buy a car from a greedy old salesman. Thirdly, it must have a positive association such as babies, animals, comedy and more. This helps to create positive vibes and makes us want to use that product. Fourthly is the desire hook. It's the thing that makes us want to buy that product so badly. For example, a Sunsilk advert shows us how beautiful and silky our hair will be after using their shampoo. That make us desire for that shampoo and therefore, want to buy it. The fifth is action motivator which means turning the "desire" into action. By saying "For more information, call....." is an example of call to action.

Now I move on to all the elements. There are the copy elements which are just text that coveys the message. Without the copy, the image will be nothing. Graphic elements such as illustration, photography and logo symbols will attract more interest as more attention goes to pictures than words.
I think the design below is very funny and daring!


The colour vs black and white elements just shows varies as colour ink is more expensive then black and white. Black and white is only used when appropriate such as trying to create a flashback or history. Next is the layout elements which is basically just how all the elements are put together to create the final ad. The size and shape elements are used appropriately in the design. The placement elements are important as it affects the success of the ad. If a clothing ad is placed in a car magazine, it'll definitely not sell. 

Well-written headlines, or titles are great to use as it also catches anyone's attention. Artwork will also grab the readers as visuals are what anyone looks at first. Next is the body which is the main text of the ad. It might be long with paragraphs but by using different visual elements, it can help organize the text and make it look interesting. Lastly is the contact information. There can be the logo, numbers, address, website and so many more. 

Here are some great advertisements I found online!



lifes too short for wrong job


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