Friday, May 16, 2014

Controversial Print Advertising

In this tutorial, I learnt about controversial print advertising. Controversial means a dispute between two or more different points of view. In advertising, some will find it meaningful whereas some will think it's offensive and inappropriate. There are various purposes of a controversial advert for a product. It is to create buzz and arguments among people. It wants to capture the attraction of an audience and bring awareness. It also definitely exaggerates the message of the poster.

I think the breast cancer advertisement was the most controversial. I didn’t expect the Singapore Government to actually allow this advertisement to be shown in public. The first time I saw this, I was really shocked that a charity advertisement showed nudity. Then I finally understood what these posters are trying to say. From the copy, it says "Are you obsessed with the right things?" The girl that cares too much about her small pimple and the branded new jeans some would want shows how some people are obsessed with the materialistic things in life instead of something more important such as breast cancer. I understand that’s the main point of these posters.
It is controversial as there will be some who won’t think of this as a good advertisement and some will think it’s great and appreciate the important meaning. It will create an uproar and dispute among people. They will think how nudity is inappropriate and is not supposed to be allowed, as all eyes are able to see this.
Those who actually appreciate this will see the deeper meaning of the posters. It makes people think about the important things in their life instead of obsessing over their appearance and branded goods. 

I personally think these posters are amazing. It shows awareness of breast cancer by being extremely creative. The message gets through easily and will leave a big impact.

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