Sunday, July 13, 2014


We didn't learn anything for this lesson! It was all just presenting our magazine advertisement designs. Here is what my ad looks like:

I was really nervous to present this because I was afraid of what my classmates and tutor would think of it but I guess it turned out alright!

My favourite ads from my classmates would definitely be:
Iliyas' Happy Socks. I think he did an amazing job with illustrator and photoshop! 
Alicia's rayban sunglasses. It was a really fun and cool ad!
Daryl's Nike ad. The different personalities concept was really good, I really like the simplicity of it.
Tanya's pencil colours. It was so natural and simple, I can see the ad being used in real life!
The rest of my classmates did a great job too, we all had put in so much efffort in the end and I'm glad we made it through :)

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