Sunday, July 6, 2014


I finally learnt how to use Adobe InDesign in this lesson. I think it is very interesting that I get to create my own layout design. Here are some examples:



But it's also quite difficult for me to remember all the tools because this is the very first time I've used it and I'm not familiar with it at all. Like photoshop and illustrator, all it takes is practice so I'll definitely practice on indesign to improve.

During this time I was given a task to recreate a Ducky newsletter. After I create a new document, I must remember to take note of the different presets such as page size, orientation, columns, margins, bleed, slugs and more. All of these are actually really important to make sure the layout looks good. For example, there must be a bleed it is so that the typography doesnt bleed to the edge of the page.

Along the way of learning indesign, I found out the best thing about it is the various tools for typography. Just by dragging the text box and without letting go, I was able to increase or decrease the number of columns by pressing on the right or left arrows. The placeholder text was also really cool because I finally understand how designers does it! I have always seen a weird german language in sample books and now I found out it's really just random. The use of the character palette is great due to its different settings.

I also learnt to place a picture and detect its white edges using clipping path! It saves so much time rather than going photoshop to cut off the edge. The Wrap tool is a really fun feature because of the cool effect. After saving the completed layout, I must always remember to package everything so that it can be sent to printing without any problems.

Here is the complete look:

The next layout I had to recreate on my own is a step up from the first. For this one, I had to use photoshop or illustrator for the image and incorporate it into indesign. I had to paint an MRT train using pen tool in illustrator. It was simple to figure it out but the skill can be improved :') I saved the file and placed it in the indesign layout. The rest of the steps were the same as the first one! There are definitely a few mistakes I spotted and I will learn from it and will do a better job next time :)

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