Thursday, July 24, 2014

Style Sheets

The first part of the tutorial was a brief lesson on style sheets; the basics. The steps were straightforward but it is time-consuming and a lot of work. Despite all of that, it has its wonderful benefits. Style sheets are basically recorded format that I can use in my design. It is already prepared. It helps a designer as there's no need to apply the same type of formatting manually again and again. For example, I can have all my titles with the same font, size and colour because I have already recorded all this information. I can apply them with a single click. It works out perfectly.

The formats are already decided in advance for different text and objects. Using these style sheets is definitely a quick and effective way to manage formatting. I learnt that there are two ways to create style sheets.
1) Format text until I obtained the design I like. To create the style sheet, I will use text as a template.
2) Open the style sheet palette and create style which can be applied to pieces of text
Nevertheless, formatting text using style sheets is a two-step process no matter the approach. Firstly, create the style sheet then apply to the text.

Here are the different types of style sheets:
- Character styles: Font, strokes and fills, leading, kerning
- Paragraph styles: Controls character and paragraph attributes such as tabs, indents and spacing, paragraph rules and hyphenation.
- Object styles - Strokes and fills, text wraps and effects. They can also contain paragraph styles for text frames.
- Cell styles: Table cell attributes such as text strokes and fills.
- Table styles: Cell styles spacing and strokes and fills

At first, I thought the style sheets were unncessary because I can just change whatever whenever I want to. I totally changed mind when I understood why and how it works. It makes formatting so much easier and I'm glad I learn about this! Below is what I did for this lesson :D

For the second part of the lesson, I was given a simple exercise to re-create two pages of a book. It was easy to understand so I had no problems in doing this :) 
These are the pages:

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