Saturday, June 28, 2014


On the last lesson before holiday starts, I learnt nothing much! It was a really brief lesson. In the first part, I only had to apply my new photoshop skills and make a new poster using three or more pictures. The poster below is what I did!

It looks cool at first as if I did everything from scratch but it really isn't, sadly. I used five pictures: the background, Optimus Prime, spaceship, smoke effect and the small moon. It was really simple for me because I just pasted the photos in and arrange it accordingly. Unfortunately, I didn't use any cool complex skills. The tools I used were only magic wand tool and blending pathetic :') And I think I changed the brightness/contrast but that's about it.

I will definitely improve more and do a much better job on my assignment 2!

For the last part of the lesson, I was given three posters I can choose from to recreate it. I chose this spaceship poster as it is excitingly related to the one I did above :) I didn't regret choosing this overall because it wasn't difficult. The only part I didn't understand was using the character tool to space out the letters of the word "SPACE". After Christabel taught me that, I had no problems with the whole design.
This is the completed poster!

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