Sunday, August 3, 2014

Layouts & Sketches

My group and I have decided on the layout theme which is slanted and large photos based on this magazine:


Interior design is really all about pictures, so we wanted an appealing photo shape instead of the usual squares and rectangles. In our opinion, the way the photo is cut slanted is so interesting so we wanted to use that style. For small photos, triangles would be the shape.

 Then, we came up with these sketches for our grids. We used the star diagram because the slanted lines could easily guide us. Fortunately, they were approved by our tutor therefore we can start on our newsletter on InDesign! We were also given the grid template which we were extremely grateful for!! :) Here are our layouts:
 (mine) (Alicia)

(Jamie)                                                                    (Cheryl)

I hope from here, we can create a beautiful newsletter!! I will do my best for my part and achieve great results ^o^

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