Thursday, August 7, 2014

Working on InDesign

On that day, I started on my layout on InDesign. It didn't take that long as the brief layout was quite simple to do.

Then, I started finding photos of Industrial interior design. There were so many beautiful rooms I had a hard time choosing! These are the few examples I found. They were all so spacious and has an industry feel to it, I was so excited!

Furthermore, I wanted to put the small details that makes a house industrial hence I searched for those items such as the rustic metal, lightbulb pulleys, pipes, paint on walls, bricks and so many more. 

  breadwinner - pulleys and light bulbs   .  for my magazines

After finding photos, I remembered I had to find the text! I completely forgotten about the text and realized I got the formation wrong. I should have find the text first before the photos to make sure the content is related. But it's alright, I got over that and searched for the a few articles on industrial interior design. It was quite difficult because there weren't much I can find that is good but fortunately, I found something that I can relate easily to the images found!

I will be using this article as my content! 

So far, after adding in the text and such, I realized another thing! My group and I haven't decide on the fonts and sizes used! There were many other things we have to decide on so we'll work on those things immediately. 

For now, this is how my layout looks like. I still have to photoshop the photos to change the effect and add in more text. I'm quite alright with it but I hoping to do even better than this. I'm still getting used to InDesign and will definitely try harder! 

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